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The „HOLODOMOR“ 1932/33 in an American way – and the lie of the starvation in the Ukraine

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The „HOLODOMOR“ 1932/33 in an American way – and the lie of the starvation in the Ukraine

December 27, 2017 Sasha Ivanov

The „HOLODOMOR“ 1932/33 in an American way – and the lie of the starvation in the Ukraine

In American history there is a crime against our own people that is kept secret: The great American Golodomor [1], in the years of disaster 1932/33, as a result of which probably more than seven million people died in the USA. ( Note: In this context, one must not forget the many crimes committed by the USA outside the USA. For example, the Agent Orange mission in Vietnam, the use of uranium ammunition in the war of aggression against Iraq, the two nuclear bombing Japan – to deter the Soviet Union – not to mention American fascist crimes around the world have murdered millions of people and maimed generations of children.)In order to distract attention from this terrible event and at the same time to smear the Soviet past, US ideologues invented the story of the „Holodomor“ in Ukraine. The Ukrainian fascists, including the current US Gauleiter in Ukraine, Poroshenko, are very fond of referring to the severe famine of 1931-1932 in Soviet Ukraine right now. They accuse the Soviet Union of targeted “killing through hunger” of the Ukrainian population with the famine catastrophe – i.e. the accusation of a targeted “genocide policy” or “genocide”. This lie is directed primarily against socialism, but then also against „the Russians“ and last but not least against Stalin. The following article explains what really happened in 1931-1933:

„HOLODOMOR“ the American way The lie of starvation in Ukraine


Boris Borisov

«Golodomor ad usum externum» [2]

The United States of America is constantly trying to teach Russia harsh “lessons from the Holodomor”:

“The commission created by the US Congress came to the conclusion in 1988 that during the “Holodomor” period, a quarter of the Ukrainian population, ie millions of Ukrainians, were deliberately exterminated by the Soviet government through genocide, and not simply killed as a result of crop failure came.“
„On October 20, 2003, the Chamber of Representatives of the United States Congress adopted a resolution on the Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-33, which defined it as an act of terror and mass murder committed against the Ukrainian people were judged.”
„In November 2005, the Chamber of Representatives of the US Congress passed a resolution allowing the Ukrainian authorities to erect a memorial in Washington to the victims of the 1932-1933 Holodomor and recognized it.“
„The US Congress adopted (2008 ) a new decision on the Holodomor in Ukraine 1932-33.“

Again and again the news agencies flood the public with such „news“ that are immediately widely quoted by television and the press, picked up by civil rights organizations, and forcefully injected into the consciousness of millions around the world by means of informative injections.

Why is this old lie being revived?

But behind all the images of this news, the question always remains: What is behind such persistent, almost intrusive attention by the US Congress to the events of 75 years ago in a far distant part of the world. So why didn’t the well-informed Americans protest against it as early as 1932/33, why are they only thinking about it 55 years later? Is it the current interests of the political struggle against the USSR and Russia’s influence on the post-Soviet space, or is it the Americans‘ aspiration to forever separate the Little Russians from the unified Russian nation when they keep trying to sell this fascist Goebbelsian dirt to repeat propaganda in the style of the 1930s,

Crocodile tears over an alleged starvation in the USSR

This strain of a particularly acute sense of pity and justice here gripping American congressmen is all too evident, while one searches in vain to find even one ( rather than three ) resolution of Congress proclaiming genocide in the USA would also honestly have been described as genocide or as „mass annihilation“ of people in relation to its own population, although a large part of the peoples who settled American territory were completely destroyed and their total population was consistently and purposefully reduced by about a hundredfold.

Fake statistics, cleaned archives in the USA

There are other crimes against the people in American history – one of them being the great American starvation in the same ill-fated years of 1932-33, as a result of which the United States lost millions of its people. On this, as well as on the genocide of the population, you will not find any censurable congressional resolutions, no angry actions by American politicians. Also, no „monuments“ are erected on anniversaries of mass extermination or other signs of remembrance. The memory of this has been immovably walled up by falsified statistics, by archives purged of evidence of crimes, by the „invisible hand of the market“,

In the USA people lie because what shouldn’t be can’t be

Understand that according to the American version of historiography only “in the Soviet Union millions of men, women and children fell victim to the atrocities and policies of the criminal totalitarian regime”, such explanations are unacceptable for American history. We will try to dispel this myth by relying solely on American sources.

Fake Statistics: Where Are Seven Million People? ( light blue bar )

The attempt to get into the official demographic statistics of the USA fails right at the beginning: the statistical information from 1932 was deleted – or cleaned up very thoroughly.[3] They just don’t exist. Without giving any reason. Yes, they appear later, in a later statistic, in the form of retrospective tables. The study of these tables leaves even the attentive researcher with some astonishment.

The „miracle“ of negative population growth

If American statistics are to be believed, in the decade from 1931 to 1940 the United States lost no less than 8,553,000 people judging by the dynamics of population growth, and the indicators of population growth change immediately, twice ( ! ) – exactly at the turn of the year 1930/31, they fall and remain at this level for ten years. And just as unexpectedly, after a decade, it returns to the previous values. In none of the extensive explanations on the hundred-page text of the American report of the US Department of Commerce ( „Statistical Abstract of the United States“), something about it is included, although it is filled with explanations of other issues unrelated to the above data, even with mentions. The question was simply avoided with silence. There is no such question.[4]

Where did millions of people suddenly disappear to?

Any responsible demographer would say that the double sudden change in the indicators of population growth dynamics by a hundred million times in such a huge country is possible only as a result of mass deaths. Is it perhaps possible that people moved away, or emigrated, or ran away from the horrible conditions of the Great Depression? Let’s take the accurate, detailed data on migration to and from the US, and population movements, which are easily verifiable by cross-comparison with data from other countries, and are therefore entirely credible. Unfortunately, the migration statistics do not confirm this version in any way.

Fake stats

In fact, at the height of the Depression, probably for the first time in modern US history, more people left the country than immigrated. Overall, 93,309 more people left the country than entered during the 1930s, but in the previous decade the country had added 2,960,782 people. What if we corrected the number of overall US demographic losses in the 1930s to 3,054,000 people…[5] However, if we consider all causes, including migration, we should consider those growing in the 1920s Population, to be fair, add 11.3% to the growth of the country’s demographic base to the population deficit for the 1930s.

Why are 7,394,000 people suddenly „missing“?

According to calculations, assuming previous demographic trends, the total population of the United States in 1940 should have been at least 141,856,000 people. In fact, however, the total population of the country in 1940 is 131,409,000 people, of which only 3,054,000 can be explained by a change in the dynamics of migration for the calculation. So in 1940 there is simply a lack of 7,394,000 people. There are no official statements in this regard. It will probably never exist. But even if they do appear, the episode of destruction of the statistical data for 1932 and the apparent evidence of falsification of the data in later reports deprives the US government of the right to make credible comments on the issue.

Such falsifications also existed in British statistics

Incidentally, the Americans are by no means the only ones who are systematically striving to destroy compromising material and cover up population losses from starvation. It’s not at all an uncommon feature of Anglo-Saxon politics, particularly in the British Empire. Thus, in 1943, the British authorities allowed the monstrous famine in Bengal, which killed more than 3.5 million people, and before that they starved the people of Ireland to death.
The indiscriminate creation of mass starvation in India was the British authorities‘ response to the 1942 uprising and popular support for the ‚Indian National Army‘. But such information will not be found in the British sources of those years. Only the later independence of India allowed these materials to be collected and made known. Otherwise we would never have known about the monstrous mass British deaths from starvation in 1943, surely everything would have been hushed up and hidden, as was the case with the materials on the victims of the Great Depression. Actually, any colonial power has such skeletons in the closet.

The „wise“ Roosevelt and the „evil“ Stalin

If the United States were destroyed – but only then – we would learn a lot of interesting things about the crimes of the United States government against its own people, about the genocide against the people of this continent and about this tragic time. And perhaps the future, informed reader would be astounded at the comparison of a “wise” Roosevelt with the “villain” Stalin—as we are perhaps genuinely astonished at today when one sings the praises of a ruler of crude and brutal antiquity. While all wasted in blood, in wars, in crimes and misdeeds.

Always new false accusations – Made in USA.

But we live today, where the monstrous Stalin who poisoned entire peoples is contrasted with the downy-white angel of goodness „Made in USA,“ and that angel screams hysterically at the millions willfully starved. How were the victims of the famine counted in the parliaments there? It’s not all that easy with that. The researchers of the „Golodomor“ often complain about the shortcomings in the statistics, about their incompleteness, and about the fact that the number of victims has to be determined using an extremely cumbersome calculation method, roughly the same as we did above using the same method.[ 6] Based on their calculations of the number of „victims of Golodomor“, the US Congress and its satellites regularly pass new resolutions in which the USSR,

It is the sole responsibility of the United States to check the above extracts from the calculations for an accurate application of these principles. But this citadel of democracy and human rights thwarts this test with a bang. So, gentlemen, where are the 7,394,000 people lost from the 1930’s statistics?

The background of the great Golodomor in the USA

The early 1930s was truly a humanitarian catastrophe in US history. In 1932 the number of unemployed had reached the 12.5 million mark. And that with a total population of the United States – including children and the elderly – of 125 million. The peak was reached in early 1933, when there were already up to 17 million unemployed in America – with family members, that is about the equivalent of a completely unemployed France or Great Britain!

A small description of the portrait of this epoch: When the Soviet company „AMTORG“ published a job advertisement for skilled workers to work in the USSR for a small Soviet salary in the early 1930s, more than 100,000 (!) applications were submitted by Americans for these vacancies. One gets the impression that every second person who had even read the newspaper advertisement for „AMTORG“ sent in an application.

The consequences of the economic crisis in the United States

In the course of the worst intensification of the economic crisis, every third working person lost his job. The real hardship came only partly from unemployment. According to the AFL ( American Federation of Labor ) union, in 1932 only 10% of workers were employed full-time. Only in August 1935, five years after the beginning of the crisis, when the majority of those who „had not registered for the market“ had already died, was a law passed providing for old-age and unemployment insurance. Incidentally, neither farmers nor a number of other categories of employees were affected by insurance.

Social Security in the US? – None

We recall that such a national system of social security simply did not exist in this country during the crisis – that is: people were left to their own devices. The unemployed began receiving a small amount of help in mid-1933. For a long time, the administration did not even have a federal anti-unemployment program, and the problems of the unemployed were passed on to state and city governments. However, all the cities were practically bankrupt.

Misery, hunger and ghost towns

Mass vagrancy, misery and child homelessness became a feature of the era. Abandoned cities sprang up, ghost towns whose entire population had left in search of food and work. About 2.5 million people in the cities lost their housing altogether and became homeless. In America, starvation began when even in the wealthiest and wealthiest city in the country, New York, people were starving en masse, forcing city officials to start handing out free soup on the streets. And these are a child’s authentic memories of those years:

„We replaced our habitual favorite foods with more accessible ones…Instead of cabbage, we used the leaves of the shrubs, ate frogs…In the course of a month my mother and older sister died…“ (Jack Griffin)

However, even in all states, there were not enough funds for a free soup. It is strange when you see the photographs of these long lines at the field kitchens: decent people, good clothes that have not yet been worn out, the typical middle class. As if people had just lost their jobs yesterday – and are now at the bottom of life. I don’t know what to compare it to. Essentially similar photographs probably only existed in Berlin, liberated by the Red Army, where the “Russian occupiers” fed the peaceful population remaining in the city. But those there had different eyes. In her eyes you could feel the hope that the worst was already over. „The raped Germany“, yes…

The Mechanism of Fraud

Child mortality occupies a special place in the general scope of demographic losses. Due to the lack of a passport system and registration by place of residence, it was easier to hide – through ignorance – the fact of infant mortality. In the United States, even today, infant mortality rates are not all right ( worse than, say, Cuba ), and in the „blooming“ 1960s, 26 out of 1,000 newborn infants died during their first year of life. At the same time, the level of infant mortality not born to whites reached 60 and more newborns in the most favorable period. What is interesting is that the official American statistics ( which, as we recall, have been post-dated ) shows not an increase, but a decrease ( ! ) in the mortality of the population in 1932/33, against the background of more than five million refugees, 2.5 million who had lost their housing and 17 million completely their jobs and had lost their livelihoods – this testifies undoubtedly and vividly to the falsified character of American government statistics for this period. American reporting falsifiers went so far that at the peak of the crisis in 1932-33 the mortality rate was lower than in the favorable year of 1928.

Manipulated mortality registers

Even more exemplary are the data on mortality by state: For example, in the same year 1932 in the Federal District of Columbia 15.1 people died per 1,000 of the population, with the mortality rate increasing. Given that this is the capital, the data are very close to the truth. And in North Dakota, the mortality rate in the crisis year 1932 is said to be 7.5 people per 1,000 inhabitants, helped that of the country’s capital! And even lower than in the same Dakota in the most favorable, prosperous year 1925!

Top Stats Scammers: Southern California

Southern California seems to be the master of deceit: in the three years from 1929 to 1932 the reported infant mortality rate there fell from 14.1 to 11.1 per 1,000 inhabitants. If the report is to be believed, even when the crisis was in full swing, the child mortality situation in the country improved significantly compared to its heyday. According to the reports, the infant mortality rates for the years 1932 and 1933 were the best anywhere in the entire history of statistical observation in the USA from 1880 to 1934!

Do you still believe these numbers?
How many children died?
Where are the 5,573,000 souls?

A later American statistic gives the age distribution of the living children, in 1940. And if in 1940 the number of children born in the 1920s was 24,080,000, if this demographic trend is maintained, the 1930s should not be less than 26,800 ,000 children are born. But in the generation born in the 1930s, a deficit of 5,573,000 stands out! No more and no less. Could it be that the number of births has decreased?

A plethora of additional unregistered deaths…

But even in the 1940s, during World War II, despite all the casualties and millions of men drafted into the army – the birth rate was restored, almost to its previous level. It is impossible to compare the huge demographic losses of the 1930s with a to explain the decline in the number of births. Such are the consequences of a plethora of additional deaths, the trail of lost child lives numbered in the millions, the black mark of the great American Golodomor.

Certainly 5 million victims of starvation in the US

From these figures, one can also assess the overall losses of the adult population of the United States to starvation, as well as the differences between the gap in the generation born in the 1930’s and the general gap in the population. The adult population probably couldn’t be „just not born“ in any way? We can say with certainty that at least two million of those who died were older than 10 years, and about half of five and a half million demographic child losses divided between mortality and a natural decline in birth rates. So we can speak with certainty of about five million direct victims of the Golodomor of the years 1932/33 in the United States of America.[7]

If this isn’t genocide, then what is?

The mortality rate among the national minorities of the USA is particularly high – enormous. National minorities have never been the object of special concern in the US, but what happened during the Great Depression years borders on genocide. While after the first genocide of the original population, which lasted almost until the beginning of the 20th century, the number of national minorities and the original population increased by 40% during a decade since the 1920s, from 1930 to 1940 it is not only not increased, but has decreased significantly. That can only mean that in the early 1930s the diaspora of national minorities suddenly lost up to a few dozen percent of the original population. If this isn’t genocide, then what is?

Defarming – Farming the American way

Thanks to the „efforts“ of Svanidze, almost everyone in Russia knows about the two million resettled kulaks, for whom there was neither land nor work after the resettlement. But few know about America’s five million farmers ( roughly a million families) who were being driven off their land by the banks because of their debts at the same time, but who were not granted land, jobs, social security, or old-age pensions by the US government – they got nothing. This American defoliation may have been a “justified need to increase agricultural production”, a complete measure to solve economic challenges, analogous to dekulakization in the USSR, a need to increase agricultural production in the pre-military period, to enlargement and mechanization.

Every sixth American farmer was killed by this Golodomor. People went nowhere, land, money, their father’s house and their property were taken away from them. They moved en masse into unemployment, starvation, total banditry, and uncertainty.

The Fraud of Roosevelt’s „New Deal“

The „civilian labor“ of Roosevelt became the channeling of these masses of a useless population. Among the general difficulties of the years 1933-1939 were the works under the aegis of the „Civil Works Administration“ ( PWA ) and the “ Civil Works Administration “ – in the construction of canals, paths, bridges in often uninhabited and swampy malaria districts employed up to 3.3 million workers. A total of 8.5 million people went through the American GULAG of „civil labor“ – although they were not actually counted as prisoners. ( )

Benefit to the market – slave labor to the hungry

Against the background of mass starvation and the loss of the „superfluous“ population, the US government was also notable for the fact that in those years it was systematically destroying the country’s food supplies to a significant extent in the interests of certain circles, namely the agricultural business lobby. Completely with „market economy methods“ of course. Destruction was varied and on a large scale: the grain was simply burned and burned in the ocean. For example, 6.5 million pigs and hogs were destroyed and 10 million hectares of farmland were plowed under with the harvest.

USA labor camp 1934

The goal was not to be kept secret. It consisted in the doubling of food prices in the country solely in the interests of agrarian capital. It goes without saying that it fully coincided with the interests of big capitalists in agriculture and with stock exchange trading, but did not please the hungry very much. Hoover’s „hunger marches“ became a form of punishment for the marchers, and were commonplace even in American capitals. For the capitalists, on the other hand, the profits of Roosevelt’s new course were already planned, and for the starving the GULAG of „civilian labor“. To each his own.

The hypocritical concern for foreign hunger in the USSR

Incidentally, starvation and the loss of its own people from starvation never worried the US government much – unlike the victims of another „Golodomor“ that could be played off for political ends. “I have no worries about the future of our country. It shines with hope,” President Hoover said on the eve of the Great Depression. And we have no fears about the past of the USA – in a different way, also the industrial history of the USA – like Caesar’s wife, she is always beyond suspicion. It is important to note that until 1988, when the US Congressional Commission to Investigate “Golodomor in Ukraine” was created, the United States considered this issue, as well as other issues such as

The Soviet traitors rush to the aid of the US scammers

The US understood very clearly that they also had some starved corpses in their closet, and that the Soviet Union’s ideological response would be swift, accurate and hopeless for America. … Not until 1988, when you got a group of high-ranking agents of influence in the Kremlin, led by Mikhail Gorbachev, and when you no longer had the “iron man” Suslov as your ideological vis-à-vis, but the liberal Yakovlev, and knowing full well that the Soviet Union would not respond, Washington gradually began to raise the issue of the „Golodomor“ in Ukraine. The timing couldn’t have been better chosen.

The counterrevolution in the Soviet Union

We cannot expect the United States to expose itself on the issue of the American Golodomor, such a release of archival documents and statements as to what was being done about it, as under the command of Gorbachev in the late 1980s under the slogan „Restoration of Historical Truth“ – they were probably fake as well. No „restoration of historical truth“ will take place until the fall of the western evil empire.

US imperialism—an extremely inhuman system

Hiding the truth about America’s great Golodomor is a consensus of the entire American political elite, both „Republicans“ and „Democrats.“ Both the „Republican“ government of Hoover and the „Democratic“ government of Roosevelt are equally culpable for the huge casualties of the 1930s. Both these and those have millions of victims of their inhuman policies on their conscience. It is precisely for this reason that the US political system agrees on the complete negation of the facts of the Golodomor in the US and its millions of victims. The fifth column of civil rights activists, who are in balance with the US State Department and already have an inventory number, will also deny this, foaming with anger.Instead of barking at Russia as usual, it would be better for the US to grab its own tail.

Translation: Steffen Krämer ( Translation corrected and slightly shortened. Taken with the kind permission of Kommunisten-Online.. )

The original of the article:

Translator’s Notes:

[1] The word „Holodomor“ as a designation for the famine in Ukraine in 1932-33 is a mistranslation of a Russian neologism which was repurposed by Western Nazi supporters into „hunger-holocaust“ – a term used in conscious association with the fascist mass murder of the Jews by the Nazis. This designation was first put into circulation under CIA agent Gorbachev in the 1980s and soon became widespread in the West. The Russian word combination “голодомор” (“Golodomor”) is a contraction of “голод” (“golod”) = hunger and “мор” (“mor”) = mass death.
[2] (Latin) „Golodomor for external use“
[3] Here is a screenshot from the US government statistics website. „A statistical report for this year was not prepared“ – so reads the signature.It just doesn’t generate a report.
[4] Even if one takes a much less precise overview as a basis, the „kink“ in the demographic development becomes visible: (ed . trans.)
[5] It must be added that I have not come across any research on famine where serious consideration has been given to population migration (ie total population reduction) in famine-stricken regions, 100% of which is mostly attributed to the „victims of Communism“. It is well known, for example, that of the 2.5 million resettled people (then 1941/42 in the Soviet Union), 700,000 quietly moved out of their settlements, and there was no particular counter-reaction.
[6] For example, during the Great Depression, mortality changed under comparatively similar conditions as during the crisis in Russia in 1991-1994, with the credibility of the data leaving no doubt: the number of male deaths in Russia in 1991 was – 894,500 people, 1994 – 1,226,400 people a 37% increase in the number of deaths). (The numbers according to: Anatoly Wischnewski / Vladimir Shkolnikov, „Mortality in Russia“, Moscow 1997).
[7] To anticipate the question of the relationship between the proportion of the proven decrease in the population through mortality and the reduction in the birth rate: Since the data from the USA are incorrect, the method of analogy (in an international comparison) must be used.During the Great Depression in other countries (including Russia in the 1990s) there were similar conditions of a population decline of about half (although on a large scale, roughly 1:2 to 2:1) split between the decline in number of births and the increase in mortality. Precisely this proportion was taken as a basis – half each, for which reasoned clarifications can then be made. But in any case, and with any precision, we come to a figure of several million dead.

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